Thursday, 01.12.2016

Consequences of Brexit for European Security and Defence

FES London in cooperation with RUSI hosted a workshop to discuss the consequences of Brexit for European security and defence.

Parliamentarians and experts from the UK and Germany shared their views and insights on what the EU and the UK will lose with a British departure from CSDP and other joint institutions such as Europol. It became clear that the UK can’t expect to have the same weight in decision making after Brexit. However, it was also emphasised that security and defence – and in particular counter-terrorism initiatives and intelligence sharing – are policy areas where a close future co-operation is likely.

Alliances such as NATO will prevail. At the same time, the British departure from the EU means that the other EU member states will have to contribute more into CSDP spending. FES will continue to provide platforms for bilateral and European dialogue on these matters to foster continuous dialogue and mutual understanding. As basis for the discussion served a research paper FES London and RUSI had produced, outlining some of the key areas above. 

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