Wednesday, 04.11.2015 - Friday, 06.11.2015

The left way forward: Shared perspectives of the British-German alliance

The FES London Office organized this year’s British-German dialogue as a platform for British-German exchange on topics relevant in both countries. The British-German dialogue has become an institution since its introduction in 2000. It takes place annually either in the UK or Germany.

This year about 50 participants from the House of Commons, the House of Lords, the German Bundestag and experts from British and German think-tanks met in Berlin to debate social, economical and financial aspects of a progressive vision of the future Europe. The dramatic consequences of a possible Brexit have been a central issue in this year’s event. The participants from both countries discussed progressive reform perspectives for the EU in order to make it work better for all citizens.

The “digital revolution” was another central subject of the conference. Centre left parties are aware that the digital future will cause major changes on the workplace, but as well in the society as a whole, and that it’s their task to seek political answers aligned with social democratic values. The digital revolution and its leverage on all facets of everyday life is considered a key issue that will lead to major transformations in the UK, Germany and other European countries in the near future. Labour markets, social security systems as well as political institutions will be under pressure. This requires strong alliances among European centre-left parties. The British-German dialogue aims to strengthening alliances between the UK and Germany, a better understanding and the improvement of cooperation among both countri

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