Wednesday, 30.03.2022

Social Policies after the Pandemic & Olaf Scholz’ Respect Agenda

European Dialogue with Thorben Albrecht, Policy Director IG Metall and Alison McGovern MP, Shadow Minister of Employment.

How are Germany and Britain respectively using social policy to come out of the pandemic, and what should we be learning from each other?

On 30th March 2022 the Aston Centre for Europe, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London and Progressive Britain joined up to discuss:

  • What plans does the new German government on workers’ rights, the welfare state and labour market policy?
  • What can pensioners expect from the new German government?
  • Which social policies were implemented during the pandemic and how can we build on recent achievements?
  • Did Olaf Scholz’ theme of “respect” for workers resonate with voters?
  • How will Germany’s “basic income for children” work?
  • How can progressive social measures be promoted at a time of tight budgets?

We were joined by:

Alison McGovern MP, Shadow Minister of Employment and Labour MP for Wirral South

Thorben Albrecht, Policy Director IG Metall, former State Secretary and Federal Business Manager, SPD

Watch back on the video above.

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