Thursday, 15.10.2015 - Friday, 16.10.2015

Good Society 2.0: Shaping a Democratic and Digital Future in Europe

The digital revolution will change the way we work, live and communicate in an ever closer network of societies. How is digitalisation transforming politics, economy and society and how should European social democracy deal with all this?

These questions were discussed at the Good Society 2.0 conference, hosted by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation London in the framework of the Foundation’s international Good Society Project.

The transformative change of the digital revolution is already visible on the labour market and it is predictable that the nature of jobs will change further. These trends require at the same time a crucial review of the current redistribution policies. Many experts suggest implementing measures like a basic income in order to disconnect work and income. The educations system has to rethink careers and skills matching with future requirements. A job-guarantee, like the European Youth Guarantee, might be seen as an adequate instrument in a set of policies which should address the socio-economic transformation we are facing.

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