Standing Up for Armed Forces Personnel in the UK and Germany

On the evening of Monday 17th July 2023, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London Office, in cooperation with the office of John Healey MP, hosted a panel discussion titled "Standing Up for Armed Forces Personnel in the UK and Germany.

The discussion was chaired by Dr Ed Turner, a professor and reader in politics at Aston University. Alongside Ed were:

- Michèle Auga, Director of the FES London office

- Lord George Robertson, former NATO secretary general

- Dr Eva Högl, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces of Germany

- John Healey MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence

- Fred Thomas, former Royal Marines captain and Labour's parliamentary candidate for Plymouth Moor View

The panel discussed challenges facing armed forces personnel in the UK and ways of improving living and working conditions for servicemen and -women. Dr Eva Högl provided valuable insight into how armed forces personnel are supported in Germany. The panel discussion was attended by numerous interested parties, including members of the Fabian Society, the Foreign Office, and various news organisations.