Monday, 03.05.2021

Day of Progressive Economic Policy 2021

VIDEO: Catch up on the international FES conference on inequality, climate justice, value and recovery.

Europe in the Corona Crisis – An Opportunity for a Transformative Re-Start?

More than a year after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, Europe is still struggling with the economic and social consequences. It has long been clear: the Corona crisis exacerbates existing inequities. Politicians have tried in various ways to stabilise economic performance in Germany and throughout Europe, at least for now. But how sustainable are these measures?

Time to take stock: Are the policy measures and instruments in place suitable to ensure a more stable economic development in the future? Can this policy also make way for positive transformation – for more economic, ecological and social sustainability? What other progressive policies do we need to lead Germany and Europe into a bright future?

The conference was attended by senior progressive figures from the political and trade union world, as well as experts in economics, including Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz. The conference was rounded off on May Day 2021 by FES President, Martin Schulz. 

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