Thursday, 07.03.2019 - London

British-German Dialogue Forum on Defence and Security Policies 2019

At this year’s British-German Dialogue Forum, German and British Members of Parliament, academics and think-tankers were discussing defence and security policies in changing world orders. Main emphasis was being put on US-policies under Trump and its impact on security in Europe, the role of NATO and on EU-Russia relationships.

In the first panel, participants shared their ideas on the role of alliances and their dependability. Some of the key questions were what the transatlantic relationship means for Europe and what role President Trump plays in this regard. The panellists also discussed the scope of control and responsibility of security cooperations that might be set up across the European Union in the future.

Questions around the relationship between the European Union and Russia were being dealt with in the second panel. The dichotomy between cooperation and deterrence and the issue whether there is a shift in power relations were thoroughly discussed. The panellists agreed it should be prevented that smaller crises will turn into bigger conflicts in the future.

Bearing the links between the two panels in mind, participants concluded that many security issues today are of global impact and need common answers and further cooperation.

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